Venice Unknown – Venezia Sconosciuta

Venice Unknown – Venezia Sconosciuta


Inizio: Giovedi 12:00 (01 Novembre)
Fine: Domenica 12:00 (04 Novembre)


Venice, one of the most popular and visited cities in the world, still has corners that only the Venetians know and where tourist groups don’t dare to venture.

During this four-day tour of this ancient and charming cities, I will lead you to discover and photographs some of those hidden places, including

* bridges and canals where the sun creates stunning light effects only at certain times of the day
* a squero–a shipyard where gondolas and all kinds of boats are still made by hand,
* the workshop of a puppet maker,
a quirky bookstore where books float on a gondola in times of high water,
* the lively fish market in the early mornings,
* the ancient Ghetto with its synagogues,
* a private tour of St. Mark’s Basilica and its crypt

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