Sled dogs camp on snow - Warm up for ECH 2018

Sled dogs camp on snow - Warm up for ECH 2018


Inizio: Domenica 23:00 (28 Gennaio)
Fine: Sabato 02:00 (10 Febbraio)


28.01.2018-10.02.2018 Training camp for sled dogs team and skijoring. Italy Alps. For pro and amators!
Prepare your dogs in high altitude for European Championship (last week february in Italy on snow.
Few different trails on altitude 1700-2000 meters. Technics, hilly, flat, short and long beetwen 1km - 10 km!
Train your dogs, train yourself (running, biking, skiing)
Trails prepare by snow machine.
You can bring your dogs if you dont have you can train with my dogs we find solution for you :)

Everyday practice training and everyday teoretic seminary!
Hotel, food and program - one person 60 euros - 1 day, handler 40 euro - 1 day. You can choose how many days you can spend with us!
Last weekend. We planning race and training on trails ECH 2018