International High Specialization Summer Pole Week Camp

International High Specialization Summer Pole Week Camp


Inizio: Domenica 21:00 (22 Luglio)
Fine: Sabato 13:00 (28 Luglio)


Finally a Summer Camp, created for those athletes who want to improve their technique on pole, floor work, acrobatics, strength and flexibility!

This highly specialized Summer Camp, lasting one week, aims to give athletes of all ages the chance to grow!

Requirements to participate:

Athletes must have competed at least once in their sports career, or have an intermediate-advanced Pole technique.
Basic classes will not be provided.
from 22 to 28 July 2018


Olympic Training Center, Tirrenia (Italy)

Vione dei Vannini s.n.c. - 56018 Tirrenia (PI)
Tel. +3905039401

How to reach the Olympic Center:

Pisa airport is the nearest one, from which you can reach the Olympic Center by taxi or just go to the central railway station and take the bus to Tirrenia that leaves from the station square.


Bianca Breschi (Italy);
Tatyana Gordiyenko (Ukraine);
Anastasia Evstegneeva (Russia);
Alessandra Marchetti (Italy);
Yasmina & Jordana De Haro Cano (Spain);

Camp Prices:

600 € per person all-inclusive:
- accommodation at the Olympic Center hotel with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- 4 training sessions per day including pole, flexibility, acrobatics and dance (floor work).

370 € per person, for companions who do not participate in the training classes:
- accommodation at the Olympic Center hotel with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Attention: the companions will not be able to take part in any training.

How to pay:

You can pay by bank transfer to the following bank account:

Beneficiary: Pole Sport & Arts World Federation
Bank: PostFinance SA
IBAN: CH69 0900 0000 9186 6136 3
Deposit payment: High Specialization Summer Camp

PayPal account:

Upon payment, please send the receipt to
Once payment has been made, for the booking of the rooms, please write to:

Camp program:

The first training session will start at 8:30 am outdoors (duration of about 45 '), with all groups of athletes, and will be dedicated to general physical preparation with some specific recall.
This aspect of the preparation includes a first part present every day:
- 10 minutes running;
- 10 minutes (approximately) dedicated to stretching exercises;
then the work is differentiated on different days of the week by focusing on three different objectives:
- general strength (strengthening on four or five stations);
- improvement of technique and effectiveness of running and fast resistance (athletic preparation);
- maximum control of handstand and body.

Upgrading on four stations - Exercises to strengthen the abdominal, back muscles, upper limbs, taking advantage of what the environment outside the gym can offer (benches, tables, chairs, walls, etc. ...)

Athletic prep. – Athletic preparation gait (skip with forward, backward, lateral movement), leaps to feet even, on one foot, run always leaping looking for maximum reactivity. At the end of this part the athletes make 6 repetitions of 50m fast with almost total recovery.

Handstand control - Handstand inverted control exercises in general (Handstand held for very long times); control of the ascent to the handstand setting by stopping the positions during the various points of the execution, control of the balance in the turning handstand changes. Handstand balance sensitization exercises on one arm; handstand ambulation.
The work will be divided into 4 groups of 10 athletes each, and all groups will work simultaneously throughout the day.
Since it is necessary, in our case, to intensify the body preparation, the daily rotation will be, two shifts of work per day (one in the morning and the other in the afternoon).
The two sessions are differently aimed; in fact, in the morning, the preparation will be oriented towards the research for very high-level elements on the pole, while the afternoon session will be devoted to the study of the parts of the new routines.
We will give great importance to the search for the "big jumps" and to the study of the dynamic elements, the choreographic preparation will be inserted, as a group, as a "station" to working groups.
Also, this aspect of training will be cured in two directions: basic technique and study of the compositions on the floor and on the pole.
The acrobatic preparation will be directed mainly towards the research of the maximum effectiveness of the aerial and floor rotations (with the help of the elastic trampoline) to start, with some athletes, the study of the flip forward or backward.

The preparation of the athletes will be checked constantly, both quantitatively and qualitatively through the appropriate “check sheets” used by the trainers. These sheets will show the number of elements performed, the values recorded for general and specific physical preparation and the choreography, are conventional (being difficult to quantify) and, depending on the intensity of the work, can be attributed as follows:
- G.B.T.* and S.B.T.: every minute of running = 5 elements + number of strength elements or prep. athletic exercises.
- Choreography: every minute of Floor work = 3 or 5 elements according to intensity.
*G. B.T: Generic Bodily Training, S.B.T: Specific Bodily Training

This session of work will collect many of the exercises already illustrated in figs. 1 and 2; the quantities will be decided based on the preparation of the athletes for the same muscle groups.
Most of the planned exercises will be particularly specific. The most specific aspects foreseen, will be the handstand from the support to the uneven bars, fluctuations swing to the parallels bars. On the floor, however, exercises such as: ascent to the handstand with momentum, pushed on the floor with arms outstretched and rebound by overcoming a difference in height; courbette action from the handstand on a springboard by vaulting or jumping backwards; jumps backwards, etc ...;

In all training periods, the athletes will be a maximum of 40 and the "technical staff" will consist of 4-6 coaches and the work will be distributed as follows: the athletes will be divided into four groups each of which will be controlled by a coach; one of them will have the task of taking care of the choreographic preparation, the responsible coach will not be tied to any group to be able to intervene, where necessary and provide technical support. The number of athletes per group (10) may seem excessive for the training in the pole and, to avoid long waits and make the most of the time spent at the stake, within the same group will be assigned different tasks always related to the same workstation.

Participants are limited! Hurry up and book !!

For any information or question, please write to

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